Three brands you’ve never heard of who have mastered Twitter, and what they can teach us

Earlier this year Forbes engaged with InfiniGraph and Nestivity to conduct a thirty-day analysis of Twitter engagement and identified 25 highly engaged organizations/companies. Some of the big brand names that made the list — Disney, CNN, the NBA — are not surprising. There were a few names, albeit well-known, that surprised me a little bit, like NASA and DropBox. However, what was the most surprising were the three brand names and Twitter handles that made the list that I had never heard of before: Notebook of Love, Chealsea Football Club, and Arsenal. In all fairness, the last two are a British soccer teams, and not living in Great Britain or being much of a soccer follower, it makes sense I would never have heard of them, but if you’re a huge soccer (football) fan or from Great Britain, you probably think I have been living under a rock. But, back to the purpose of this blog post — what can we learn from these three Twitter powerhouses?

Notebook of Love tweetAt the very top of the list for Twitter engagement is Notebook of Love, a brand created exclusively to live in the social-sphere. Consisting primarily of social channels, and a small website, Notebook’s primary focus is to share and promote feel-good quotes. They do sell a limited amount of merchandise sporting these quotes, but it doesn’t appear that their main focus is eCommerce. The Notebook of Love sites are owned by Branden Hampton of the Influential Media Group, which runs multiple niche social channels that focus on providing content that the target audience is interested in.

What we can learn from Notebook, which has 4.2 million followers and average 1,400 engagements per tweet, is that to create and maintain high engagement you need to understand how to emotionally connect with your audience and convey your industry’s message (not your company’s) Notebook of Love’s tweets focus on providing content that their followers are interested in. There is virtually no promotion of any kind.

Number six on the list is Chelsea Football Club. This London soccer team uses their Twitter account primarily to Chelsea FC on Twitterupdate fans on events and appearances, play-by-play action during games, and other team-related news. Chelsea has 1.8 million followers and averages 349 engagements per tweet, which is quite remarkable given their high tweet volume (nearly 800 in one month). What makes Chelsea Football Club’s Twitter account so successful is they understand that their fans want to feel like they are in the midst of the action and have the latest up-to-the-minute news on their team — and they deliver. As Jon Wertheim of Sport’s Illustrated put it “If you think about it, sports—real-time events with undetermined outcomes and passionate followers—is singularly well-suited for social media. The barroom has moved to our pockets.”

What can we learn from Chelsea Football Club? Whatever your industry, figure out what your fans/customers want most and give it to them. They won’t be able to help but become engaged.

Coming in at number 14 is the other British soccer team on the list, Arsenal. The team has more followers than Chelsea, with 2.2 million, and their tweet volume is comparable with just over 725 in the same 30-day period. However, their engagement per post is lower with an average of 270 engagements per tweet. While Arsenal tweets a lot of similar content to Chelsea, what sets them apart is there obvious attempts to engage with fans and followers. Not only do they re-tweet a lot of fan tweets, they openly call for comments and engagement in their tweets, like this one:

Arsenal tweet

In an article for Forbes, Mark Fidelman calls out Arsenal’s success and credits them for their efforts at creating connection via their Twitter account,”for Arsenal it’s all about connecting fans to the teams and players.” So what can we learn from Arsenal? Don’t forget that social media works best when it creates conversation! Spend the time to engage with followers and they will, in turn, engage with you.

Check out the full list of 25 Most Engaged Brands of Twitter.


One thought on “Three brands you’ve never heard of who have mastered Twitter, and what they can teach us

  1. I was bit surprised to see NASA on the list with a bunch of big corporations, but I actually follow NASA on Twitter and know that they have amazing, well-thought out content. They show a lot of neat pictures and even find ways to make NASA-related things timely and relevant. In one of my posts ( I discussed NASA’s Black(Hole)Friday tweet that gained them a lot of attention even though shopping was really what was on everyone’s mind.

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