Do you #TweetfromtheSeat?

It’s hard to get excited about toilet paper. I mean, we mostly notice it when we don’t have it, otherwise, it’s just one of those essential every-day items that we have to have. You might have preferences of different brands for their softness, thickness, or how big their rolls are. But beyond that you probably don’t give it much thought. So how does a toilet paper company create a brand personality or get celebrities talking about them? Just ask Charmin.

The Proctor and Gamble owned company is setting the bar for best-in-class use of social media with their Twitter handle @Charmin. The company actively uses their Twitter account, tweeting anywhere from 5-10 times per day. They are well-known for their tongue-in-cheek sense of humor often portrayed in their “tweets from the seat” (#tweetfromtheseat) in which they send tweets that are from the perspective of someone who is, well, you know. The #tweetfromtheseat hashtag has been used by everyone from famous comedians (like Michael Ian Black and George Lopez) to other well-known brands (like Iams and Home Depot). Charmin is also known to get into some Twitter exchanges that are so hilarious you will want to give them a squeeze, no matter what Mr. Whipple says. Check out this one between K-mart and Charmin, soon after K-mart came out with their “Ship your pants” advertising campaign.

Charmin and Kmart tweetsKmart and Charmin twitter exchange


response to Charmin and Kmart tweets


Charmin’s smart use of Twitter also recently got them on Time Magazine’s 140 Moments that Made Twitter Matter, for this witty reply to comedian Rob Delaney’s tweet:

Charmin and Rob Delaney tweets

But it’s not just these funny interactions with celebrities and other brands that exemplifies Charmin’s use of Twitter. They also interact with customers, responding to complaints and compliments alike. Their language is friendly and approachable and gives you a sense of chatting with a witty friend. One thing that is glaringly missing from their tweets? Blatant sales pitches. But making the hard sale is not what the @Charmin Twitter account is about. Jason Falls, head of digital strategy for Café Press and blogger, put it best when he wrote: “Social marketing in this context is not about getting people to buy Charmin…social marketing in this context is about getting people to choose Charmin. Whenever it is they are faced with that choice.”

All of this has culminated into quite the following of @Charmin — almost 24,000 strong! Compare that to competitors Angel Soft (less than 500 followers) and Cottonelle (less than 6,000 followers), it’s easy to see who is winning this TP war.



2 thoughts on “Do you #TweetfromtheSeat?

  1. What a great use of Twitter! I really enjoy when companies use their accounts in a clever way, instead of just repeating commercial information. I went and checked out some of their more recent tweets and I was pleasantly surprised to see that a lot of the tweets are clever images and cute comments. Charmin also does a great job of responding to consumers who tweet to them. This is a great way to keep the conversation a dialogue, since many companies do not frequently respond to followers.

    I also really like when companies use a conversation between themselves to pique the interest of the public. The exchange between Kmart and Charmin was a great way to cross-promote both campaigns in a cute play off each other. Leveraging another company’s social media network in order to enhance you own is risky, but when done right can sure pay off!

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